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Dear AUDEM Friends:

This website ceased to be updated starting March 6th 2015. During its 25 years of hard work in fostering the dialogue between North-American universities with Central and East European universities, the Alliance of Universities for Democracy (AUDEM) succeeded in bringing together thousands of faculty and students in the pursuit of responses to the many challenges posed to higher education in this turbulent period. The 25 yearly conferences stimulated research (published in the series of Perspectives in Higher Education, later - in the AUDEM Journal of Higher Education and Democracy), created the framework for networking, developing cooperation links and support for students and young professionals. Times change, the funding and professional contexts change. Therefore, AUDEM in its original formats and bylaws acknowledges the end of a stage in its existence. While AUDEM ceases to operate on an organizational level, its legacy is carried into life by professionals which remain true to the ideals of academic freedom, democracy and excellence in teaching and in public service.